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Daenerys white furcoat tutorial

Daenerys tutorial Daenerys‘ white fur coat form season 7 is one of my absolute favorite costumes of hers, so I finally managed to make write the tutorial. I totally fell in love with it once I saw it. It took […]

Daenerys dragon chain

I know I promised this tutorial sooner, but I had no time to write it until now, sorry! This is all about how I made Daenerys dragon chain 🙂 If you want to know, how I made the dress, please […]

Daenerys Qarth Dress Tutorial

Daenerys Qarth Dress Tutorial

This post is about how I made my Daenerys Qarth dress. Fabric and Pattern I used silk habotai in ice blue, which I bought from dharmatrading.com I bought 10 yards, but should have bought two more to make my train […]

Tauriel Dagger

My Tauriel daggers are made of wood. As I’m not so very skilled with wood crafting, I had some help with my daggers. I did the sketches and my boyfriend helped me with the crafting 🙂 And he did an […]

Tauriel Corset and Bracers

Tauriel Corset and Bracers

This is how I made Tauriels corset and bracers for the Mirkwood outfit. Hope you like it and find it helpful 🙂 Pattern & Mock up The base of every project is a good pattern. Here’s my pattern for the […]

Tauriel Mirkwood Tunic

You’re looking for some tipps on Tauriels Mirkwood dress? Then this is for you. Pattern The basis of every good costume is a good pattern. On this picur you can see the top part of my tunic. With raglan sleeves. […]

Tauriel Belt

Tauriel belt

Here’s a quick post on how I made my Tauriel belt. Hope you like it 🙂 Pattern First I did a test with just paper, here the stripes are 2.5 cm wide. It was a bit to wide and besides […]

Tauriel Traveling Cloak

Tauriel traveling cloak

A Tutorial on how I made my Tauriel traveling cloak. Pattern & Fabric Here’s my pattern for the cloak. The hood will come later, that’s why it’s missing 😉 The fabric I bought was to dark for my linking. As […]

Tauriel Bracers

Tauriel bracers

Here’s a quick tutorial on how I made my Tauriel bracers. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 Pattern Pattern for the bracers and the leaf design. Similar to the one I did on the corset. If you’re interested in how I […]