Tauriel Belt

Tauriel belt

Here's a quick post on how I made my Tauriel belt. Hope you like it 🙂


First I did a test with just paper, here the stripes are 2.5 cm wide. It was a bit to wide and besides I found a really nice buckel, which was onley 2 cm. So I changed it to that.

Blog Tauriel Archer 02
Blog Tauriel Archer 01

Then I drew the design on the paper belt to get some practice, before I drew it on the leather itself.

Blog Tauriel Archer 03
Tauriel belt

Design on to the leather

Here I already traced the design with my burning pen .

Then came the painting... well I'm not completely happy with how that turned out, but well, it's not that bad eighter 😉

Blog Tauriel Archer 05
Blog Tauriel Archer 06

Final steps

I sewed the belt together by hand and attached the buckle and punched in some holes for the buckle thorn.


Tauriel belt

Finished belt


Tauriel belt
Blog Tauriel Archer 30
Tauriel belt

I hope you liked my Tauriel belt how to and find it some what helpful.

Please feel free to share it. 

If you have any questions, leave me a comment.



plz share if you like it 

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  1. Your work is beautiful. I’m in the process of gathering my supplies for a belt to finish of my granddaughter’s costume foe Halloween. Where do you suggest I look for the buckle?


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