Tauriel Bracers

Tauriel bracers

Here's a quick tutorial on how I made my Tauriel bracers. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


Pattern for the bracers and the leaf design. Similar to the one I did on the corset. If you're interested in how I made my corset, go check it out here

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Leaf design

Below on the left side, I did a fitting, to check if everything is ok, before beginning with the leaf design.

On the right side the pattern is already transferred to the leather and ready to be burned in 😉

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Tauriel bracers

I used my burning pen to burn the design in, as I did on the corset.


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Lining and edging

As the leather wasn't that stiff, I lined it with twill.

The edging was done by sewing on  a faux leather strip around the bracers.

Tauriel bracers
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Closure hooks

It was very difficult to find some hooks or ornament rivets or something that matches for Tauriels bracers... So I decided to make 'em myself 😉 
It's not the exact thing, but I tryed to do a leaf shape that looks close enough.

I shaped it around a hook and then baked it with the hook in it.

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After they cooled down, I painted them in gold and used a little black to add depth to the creases.

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Then I sewed the hooks to the bracers and added thin elastic cord loops to the other side.

Et voila! The bracers are finished 😀

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Tauriel bracers

I hope you liked my Tauriel bracers tutorial and find it helpful.

Please feel free to share it. 

If you have any questions, leave me a comment.



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  1. These are beautiful. The hooks look just right! Thank you for doing the duel language page. THe extra work is appreciated!

    Do you have suggestions on how to make the actual pattern? Just use fabric and wrap around the arm and cut, or do you do something more. My teen daughter and I are working on her Tauriel garb.

    1. Hi Christine,
      thank you so much! I’m happy my post helpful 🙂
      I made my pattern for the bracers out of paper and then put it on my arm and made some changes. But you could also use fabric, sure.
      You two have fun doining your daughters Tauriel garb! Please share some pictures with me, once you’re done. On my facebook or insta. I always love to see pictures 🙂

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