Tauriel Suede Garb

Tauriel cosplay turorial

This is a Tutorial on how I made my Tauriel suede garb.


Before I began on the actual pattern, I studied lots of reference pictures to figure out the desine I wanted:

Tauriel cosplay turorial

Then I pinned my basic pattern to the dressform an added the desired seam lines with a cord and marked them with a pen:

Blog Tauriel Archer 79
Blog Tauriel Archer 80
Blog Tauriel Archer 81
Blog Tauriel Archer 82

That's what the lines looked like on the basic pattern

"Next step was the actual designing of the pattern."

Blog Tauriel Archer 83

Front and back piece with collar.
The collar I designed only roughly, the shape will be changed later...

Blog Tauriel Archer 84
Blog Tauriel Archer 85

The sleeve with the curved seam

The skirt pattern, some what longer in the back.

Blog Tauriel Archer 86


My advice: always make a mockup before you cut your real fabric, safes a lot of pain and money 😉

I wasn't 100% happy with my mockup and wanted to make some changes.

Blog Tauriel Archer 87
Blog Tauriel Archer 88
Blog Tauriel Archer 89

For me the skirt was far to wide (left side), so I pinned some of it together (right side).
I pinned the collar into the right shape, but I definately had to do another test round with it.
I liked the overall look of the upper collar, but wanted to change the middel part (green), make it narrower.
I had to "pin away" some of the width in the back of the skirt as well. During the whole pattern test process, I looked through tonnes of Tauriel pics again an spotted some new stuff, that I didn't noticed before...

Blog Tauriel Archer 91

....here you can see, the "over collar" ends pointy down the back.

Cut the suede fabric

I used about 2.5 meters of fabric, it was a close call, I advice to rader buy some more 😉

Blog Tauriel Archer 181

At first I cut the fabric only roughly and ironed on the interfacing. The material was a bit to thin to look like real leather.

Blog Tauriel Archer 182
Blog Tauriel Archer 183
Blog Tauriel Archer 184


What you need is bias strips (in this case I used lining fabric) and a cord in the desired thickness (it can also be just a normal cord)

Then sew the cord in to the bias strip.

Blog Tauriel Archer 185
Tauriel Suede Garb

I prefer to take two steps for sewing the tucks in, because it tends to slide. So at first at I fix it to one side. and then put the two pieces together. And tada, your finished 😉

Blog Tauriel Archer 187

Fishnet stitch trim

Has anyone used that fishnet stitch before? Well I hadn't untill this project, but I like it a lot and will probably use it again soon 😀

Here's my step by step:

Blog Tauriel Archer 188

This is the first step. I used wool yarn and normal thread (polyester)

Steps 2-4 are all the same, the pictures below show the progress of the 3 rows I did.
I advise to use a long enough thread for one row at the time. The net that starts to form should be loosely and only attached at the beginning and ending of a row.

Blog Tauriel Archer 189
Blog Tauriel Archer 190
fishnet stitch
Tauriel Suede Garb

Final step is attaching the net on another wool yarn and your finished. I love the way it turned out. It's exactly how I wanted it to look 🙂

Blog Tauriel Archer 211

Sewing the top

Basic to is sewn together in this pic. With the embroidered seams.

Below, with the "outer" collar (I have no idea how to call it..) and another tuck between the pieces.
The actual collar is still missing

Tauriel Suede Garb
Blog Tauriel Archer 213
Blog Tauriel Archer 174

And the finished "outer collar"

The collar

Just to be sure, I made another test collar 😉 

Blog Tauriel Archer 173

Cutting, sewing together and finishing the collar. There's also a tuck between the two layers, as you can see in the third pic.

Blog Tauriel Archer 175
Blog Tauriel Archer 176
Blog Tauriel Archer 177

And the finished collar 🙂

Blog Tauriel Archer 178
Blog Tauriel Archer 179
Blog Tauriel Archer 180
Blog Tauriel Archer 205


The first fishnet-seam I did while the sleeve was still open, it's enough to have to do one seam while already closed ;P

Here the sleeve is almost done, only the lining is not yet attached.

Blog Tauriel Archer 206

And here completely done, with and without arm in it 😉 I was very happy with the result!

Blog Tauriel Archer 207
Blog Tauriel Archer 208
Blog Tauriel Archer 209
Blog Tauriel Archer 210


Here I fixed the hem with the herringbone stitch, unseen from the right side. And attaching the lining to the hem.

Blog Tauriel Archer 197
Blog Tauriel Archer 198

Here are the finished skirt pieces "flat" on the ground (front and lining side)
I wasn't allowed to take a pic of "only" the back piece though 😉

Blog Tauriel Archer 200
Blog Tauriel Archer 199
Blog Tauriel Archer 201

And that's what the skirt looks on the dress form. I still have to sew the pices together...

Blog Tauriel Archer 202
Blog Tauriel Archer 203
Blog Tauriel Archer 204

Finished suede garb

Here are two pictures of the front closure. Later I used a ribbon for the lacing though, I just had this one at hand so I used it for a test. 

Blog Tauriel Archer 171
Tauriel Suede Garb

Top and skirt part are just pinned together it these pictures. I actually never sewed them together, because I decided I wanted to be able to just use the top. I sewed some snaps and hooks to both parts to make the skirt attachable 🙂

Blog Tauriel Archer 167
Blog Tauriel Archer 168
Blog Tauriel Archer 169
Blog Tauriel Archer 170

That's it for Tauriels suede garb. I hope you found my tutorial helpful. Please feel free to share it. 

If you have any question, leave me a comment.



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  1. Hi!
    I just found your tutorial, it’s amazing!!!
    I really wanted to make the archer dress from tauriel but I am a beginner in sewing… could you help me a bit with the patterns because I don’t understand everything…
    thank you!!

  2. Hi Sarah !
    I just wanted to thank you for all your publication, I’m working on my Tauriel costume and your post helped me a lot. I made the pattern using your example.
    I’m currently working on the suede garb, and it looks so good that I’m thinking about making the travel cloak too !
    Anyway, thank you for your work, it is amazing !

    1. You are very welcome 🙂
      Thank you for your lovely comment! It always makes me happy to hear, that my tutorials are of help to someone.
      I would be happy to see your finished Tauriel. Maybe you can send me a picture on my facebook or insta account 😀

      Good luck and have fun!

  3. Hello,
    I just wanted to say that your costume is so amazing! It really looks like the one they used in the movies ^^
    Since I also love sewing and am currently trying to make a cosplay crossover (a combination of Arwens grey cloak, Tauriels outfit and Daenerys grey outfit) I wanted to ask, which fabric you used for this costume and where did you buy it. I would love to hear from you, and congrats on the great cosplay,

    1. Hi Vicky, thank you so much! I’m happy you like my Tauriel costume 🙂

      About the fabric I used. Unfortunately it is not available anymore. I’m very sorry!
      I making the costume again for a commission at the moment and used another fabric. The green is not the same, but I must say, I like the new fabric even better!
      I bought it from a Swiss online-shop, so I’m not sure, if the ship out of Switzerland. But here’s the link anyway: kreando.ch/kunstleder-nubuk-tannengruen/

      If you’re interested, I have some WIP pics of my new Tauriel version on my ista account (in my stories/top line): instagram.com/filmkostueme.ch

      Hope this is helpful, all the best, Sarah

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