Tauriel Bracers

Tauriel bracers

Here’s a quick tutorial on how I made my Tauriel bracers. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 Pattern Pattern for the bracers and the leaf design. Similar to the one I did on the corset. If you’re interested in how I […]

Tauriel Leather Corset

Tauriel leather corset

This is a Turorial on how I made my Tauriel leather corset. I hope you find it helpful. Pattern Tauriels leather corset is a bit more complex then a „normal“ corset would be. First I made some sketches  before beginning […]

Tauriel Suede Garb

Tauriel cosplay turorial

This is a Tutorial on how I made my Tauriel suede garb. Pattern Before I began on the actual pattern, I studied lots of reference pictures to figure out the desine I wanted: Then I pinned my basic pattern to […]